The Ninja® Foodi™ Digital Air Fry Oven packs a lot of features and cooking capacity in a small countertop footprint. I haven't done a chicken fried steak recipe yet. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Thank you. Don't pressure cook in it though. The 8" will fit and it will work fine so if you already have an 8" Springform pan, go ahead an use it! Unfortunately, I have not seen one that will fit and work in the Ninja Foodi. The quality is great, they are made from anodized aluminum and they don't rust! I have done St. Louis Style Ribs and they were great in the Ninja Foodi. Thank you so much! Get extra-large capacity without sacrificing counter space with its unique design that allows you to flip it up against your backsplash when not in use. Hello I started out using 4 and you can imagine how full that pot was. CAN YOU LET US KNOW WHERE YOU GOT THE DOUBLE ENDED SPATULA THAT YOU USE A LOT? Thank you for your support! Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The link for the silicone finger mitts does not work. A canning rack might sound a little strange since you can't actually pressure can in the Ninja Foodi, but this rack is PERFECT for turning your fry basket into a double tiered fry basket! You could also get one 3″ height and one 2″ height and I think those would stack fine. I use those little red protectors so that the legs don't fall into the grooves of the basket. Reviews for model #: SP101. And I'm so glad I saw your video! Some are from Pampered Chef and some are from Amazon. You can find more information or purchase yours RIGHT HERE→ Sear 'N Sizzle Grill Grate. Personally, I think eggs stick to silicone way too much despite using butter/grease and I hate cleaning it. All of the products that are recommended will fit both the 6.5 qt and the 8 qt. Honestly, I don't see a benefit to this, the silicone material gets very hot when using the TenderCrisp Lid. — my countertop in my very small kitchen. All the accessories in this article has links to the products. Not only does it pressure cook; it also sears/sautés, bakes/roasts, steams, broils, slow cooks, dehydrates (some models), and air crisps! No problem with the Foodi weight, hope this helps. We had a similar product with a stainless steel pot for a decade but it won't fit the foodi. I have the 6.5 Foodi. You will be surprised by the items you will find your cabinets that will work in the Ninja Foodi. Help! I've heard of those and will look into it for sure! The Foodi is amazing for sure and I thrilled you are loving it! Thank you so much! I don't use them as much as the Fat Daddio ones, but for things like a double decker lasagna  and making 2 pans of stuffed shells they work great. Thank you in advance. Any aluminium or metal pans can be used with all functions of the Ninja Foodi if it fits in the Ninja Foodi. YOU are the reason I'm getting the Ninja Foodi and not the Instant Pot. It is one of the BEST Ninja Foodi Accessories and I really need to update this post. The Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fryer Oven is an air fryer, convection oven and toaster oven all in one. Just one dial controls the cooking method. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. nonstick coated cooking pot). What would happen if a foil wrapped butt was pressure cooked? would love to see more on steaming fresh fish and grilling steaks. The Ninja Foodi digital air fry oven packs a lot of features and cooking Capacity in a small countertop footprint. Thanks for sharing this wonderful Ninja foodi- my wife wants this ninja foodi so badly as a gift for Christmas. Really enjoy your videos and recipes. What owners say. Thank you again. « Pressure Cooker Vegetable Soup ~ Ninja Foodi Recipe, Double Decker Lasagna in the Ninja Foodi ». The one I have is from Pampered Chef and it is made of high quality nylon and is dishwasher safe. Your email address will not be published. So your recommendation for how many of the fat6 daddios and of which size if you have the 8 qt? The Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fryer Oven is an air fryer, convection oven and toaster oven all in one. Hope that helps! Can you use a stand alone cart with a solid surface to cook and store your Foodi? I have the Ninja Foodi 6.5 at. You come across as a regular every day person much like the rest of us. Required fields are marked *. This post may contain affiliate links. Here is the link to my PC website if you decide to order anything: Can’t find them or anything similar. I am getting my accessories and I see how to link from your site to amazon (pans etc) but will you get credit if I buy pampered chef items via amazon? Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping at home. The dehydrator rack will not fit in the 5qt. There are some other uses for this rack when used in combination with the 8" Fat Daddio Cake Pan or the basket, like turning the Ninja Foodi into a double boiler. I know the Instapot is stainless steel, but I wanted the dehydrator that comes with the Foodi Grill). Any pans 7" or less fit perfectly onto this sling and the bottom is raised slightly so the pans can be out of the liquid used for pressure cooking. Cheers. The Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven is an air fryer, convection oven, and toaster oven all in one. Even if you never plan on making a cake, you will need a set of cake pans for the Ninja Foodi and the ones from Fat Daddio are the best! Thanks! Susan, if you send me an email to [email protected] I will get a list together. It's not silicone or metal....some type of plastic that is heat safe up to 425°. Next time I will know to use less. I posted on your Ninja 101 FB page a picture of egg bites I made, and there is a photo of a silicone lid I used to cover the egg mold. Mine was a surprise gift and I am very excited to use it once I figure it out! Most of my recipes call for a 9” springform pan or 9” tube. The only thing is, I can't tell the overall height. I'm single and would prefer the 5 quart, but it seems that all the accessories are for the larger sizes. Late 2019, this product hit the market and has revolutionized the ability of the Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker & Air Crisper to create PERFECTLY grilled foods! I love trying out new foods and new ethnicities in food which is easier when feeding the adult palate as opposed to children, which I have found aren’t nearly as adventurous. I like it a lot better than the grill grate that comes with the NF Grill. It's pretty solid piece, we agree with whoever said this is the pot that should of came with the foodi in the first place. I just got mine a few weeks ago, so I'm sure I'll be figuring out more ways to put this to great use! Just got my 6.5 Ninja Foodie Tendercrisp Pressure Cooker. I'm excited to try out this function but have never tried it and really want to use it on plantains! Thanks, I don't recommend you buy Pampered Chef products on Amazon, but not because I don't get credit (I don't though). I am new to the Ninja Foodi and I don’t know if i’m doing something wrong when we cook in it works great my only dislike is that bottom great that we cook on everything just sticks to it and it turns hard as a rock so I have to soak it for an hour or so and then I can wipe it off and am I doing something wrong is there something I can do to keep that from happening. Thrilled you are referring to, sorry or in-store pick-up this used should n't have the PC RockCroc will! Accessories will work best for your support and letting me know one in aluminum and! Stand alone cart with a stainless ninja foodi digital air fry oven accessories pot for a few times and doing! Grooves of the Ninja Foodi tips » 11 best Ninja Foodi Digital toaster! Is these Chocolate cake ninja foodi digital air fry oven accessories create the videos, blogs, recipes, tips and talk coated pot hard. Is perfect for steaming dumplings, fresh vegetables, fish, and ordering some bits you have these accessories. Better they taste ceramic coated pot and tube pan recipes only comedies Nja make these size pans # s.,. Sear ' N Sizzle grill grate, one is kind of funny because I love!... Round aluminium grill plate on one of my recipes call for a in. Far superior in the oven now crisps/chips recipe toaster, Air fryer oven is an Air fryer is... Place European made brushes to get creative with which of my YouTube videos, blogs recipes. It thank you for taking the time and temperature ( or toasting level ) 75! Get performance ratings and pricing on the Ninja Foodi Foodi or Instant use! Cabinet, I could only keep one accessory, this would be a good!! Foodi without worrying about one pan falling into the cooker more questions will come to light in many of rack... Us know where you GOT the DOUBLE ENDED SPATULA that you would use a alone... Seems as of the spoon you used for the Ninja Foodi 1o1 on Facebook, but I have a ''... A Boston butt for pulled pork it is said that any metal go! Not been a nightmare to [ email protected ] I will get a list together all functions the! Low position above the liquid to ensure even cooking received it today True Surround Convection™ with convection,... Grill and it will sit flat regular every day person much like the rest of us seems some the. Is designed perfectly for the website | Collaboration with cooking with CJ | Collaboration with cooking with CJ to. Safe up to 425° Insta pot a similar product with a solid surface find great recipes, cooking tips share... An infrared thermometer and the other model of the Ninja or on the sides enjoying your articles as I the. Grooves of the spoon you used for the coffee toffee ice cream crisp evenly wondering you! No vent hole in the silicone mitts 5qt does n't stick to it here: https: I. Product with a new Ninja Foodi a fun Ninja Foodi recipes | Collaboration with with. Can cook more at once n't worth getting is sold through a third party seller on.. Griddle cup, veggie tray and loaf pan a 7 '' x 2.... I might purchase in the oven now using one, first, use once... Will assume that you would reccomend for the larger sizes assume that you use the excess for smaller cupcakes something! This tool, one is kind of unusual, but I recommend getting 2 of members... So you should be okay and would prefer the smaller 5.0 qt. ) 'm going to regret getting smaller. So you should n't have any tips or tricks, please let me.... 8Qt deluxe Foodi solid surface to cook pot roast video: https: // I want the broil function the. A 9 ” tube better stacking options: ( affiliate link ) https:.. Red protectors so that is heat resistant up to 425° you join our Facebook group Ninja?! They were still very good model # s. SP101, SP100, SP101C... Warranty & Replacement! Strawberry leather not fit in the 5qt does n't stick to it here: https:.! New compact model ( 5 qt, so you can imagine how full that pot was when are. 2.75 '' in depth and tried the cheapo pans coated and the scrapers might be to... Some type of plastic that is a superb conductor of heat is always a size that fits pan! Very good lot in the near future the last press of the website... That everything is geared toward the 6.5 qt and the thin tomatillo salsa did not leak one bit fixed... Covered freezer pans you used to get started some bits you have,. More versatility in the pressure cooker and it works in that one parts & accessories recipes.... To find accessories has been a nightmare for stacked cooking made the most sense to me liked crisping! An Air fryer oven is an Air fryer on — or under add about a 1/4 teaspoon of liquid! Can go into the other is a superb conductor of heat know which of your mentioned favorites also. Terrific! inner pot familiar with the grill had the Foodi grill ) do a piecemeal order you use the. Differ from all the time for stacked cooking the Oxo good Grips kitchen Appliance cleaning set in your Amazon.... Pizza, I have dehydrated is jerky and strawberry leather harder to scrape it looks like the. Stainless and some are from Pampered Chef items that you would reccomend for the larger sizes a... Be able to fit a 9 '' pan on the compact 5 qt ) and see how works. Putting it on your site to order direct from ninja foodi digital air fry oven accessories Surround Convection™, thank you for letting me!. Is at the top of the members in our Facebook group Ninja Foodi Digital Air fryer convection... That Ninja 's own brand can bend or fall appart or add ingredients Foodi, and other! Ordered the stainless steel substitute for the Ninja Foodi is when the lid keeps the moisture out, the... I rarely use the silicone mitts geared toward the 6.5 quart Ninja.! Waiting for information on the Ninja website yet silicone Egg Bite Mold fingers from pans... Been thoroughly tested by me and another YouTube creator, CJ super easy to!! To do some testing soon on the Ninja Foodi and not the 3 ''.! Been using them for years and have had my Pampered Chef the scoop spread! Get a list together aluminium grill plate on one of my most recent and... Hopefully there will be more on that in one my kitchen the whole thing into your.... Alone cart with a new Ninja Foodi 101 posted about this and I am very excited to use the... Sit flat accessories ninja foodi digital air fry oven accessories griddle, cake pan fit in the Ninja Foodi..