(a) Whereas, in accordance with the Second Exhortation attached to the Order of Holy Communion in the Book of Common Prayer, it is necessary that any with a troubled conscience shall resort to some discreet and learned Priest, that by the ministry of God’s holy Word they may receive the benefit of Absolution, together with spiritual counsel and advice; such Ministry shall be exercised in any Diocese or other Jurisdiction of this Church only by Priests who have been in Orders not less than two years from their admission to the Priesthood, and possess the authority of the Bishop Ordinary of that Jurisdiction either by virtue of the Office to which such Priests have been instituted and inducted, or licensed or otherwise holding that Bishop’s written Faculty. Canon Law in the Anglican Communion A Worldwide Perspective Norman Doe. 33. History will decide on the work of the WAC, but it will be left to our successors to carry the vision. And whereas the Primates have: recognised that the unwritten law common to the Churches of the Anglican Communion and expressed as shared principles of canon law may be understood to constitute a fifth instrument of unity in the Communion; and requested a statement of principles which may be added to and developed. TITLE I. The secretary of the General Synod shall be chosen by ballot and shall appoint his/her Assistant with the approval of the General Synod. Section 19. No man or woman shall be consecrated a Bishop in this Church until he/she be forty years old, and no man or woman shall be consecrated an Archbishop in this Church until he/she be fifty years old. From its inception, the AAOC set out to prevent the notion that we are a black church. Such an appointment is not meant to be construed as a denial of the custom that the Metropolitan who may reserve the right of presiding in his/her Provincial Court as a judge on any occasion, not in conflict with the Constitution and these Canons. Section 1. (a) Accordingly, every effort will be made through available secular media to restore the good name of a person determined to have been falsely accused of sexual abuse of a minor. If there be no Bishop, the Council alone shall be the Ecclesiastical Authority. They shall be assistants, but not celebrants of the Eucharist. Available in print at Law Library KD8643 .E54 1998. The Church Wardens and Lay Deputies shall be chosen from among the communicants, and when practicable, the Vestrymen/women also. Such Priests so appointed are to be learned in Sacred Theology and Canon Law, and above all, have an abiding, lively, and sure faith in the victory of Our Lord Jesus Christ over Satan, sin, and the world. We take all allegations seriously. The Co-Presiding Archbishops will be members and Administrators of all WAC groups on all social media platforms. Section 7. Such provision is not meant to be construed as a denial of the inalienable custom that any Diocesan or Ordinary of any other Jurisdiction, may reserve to him/herself the right of presiding in his/her own Diocesan Court as Judge on any occasion, not in conflict with the Constitution and these Canons. In all cases involving the marriage of a divorced person, the priest must submit the facts to, and receive the consent of his/her Bishop, before performing the rite. Daily Office. In case the same is found satisfactory, the Bishop and Council may receive such Congregation into the Worldwide Anglican Church, but it shall not become a constituent part of the Diocesan Synod or Jurisdiction until so voted at the next stated meeting thereof. Section 5. Every Priest shall be diligent in visiting his/her Parishioners, particularly those who are sick and infirm and, so far as he/she can; and he/she shall provide opportunities whereby any of his/her Parishioners may resort to him/her for spiritual counsel and advice. Should any Bishop, Priest, or Deacon use technology to hack into WAC websites or social media forums, or remove designated officers as Administrators from such sites, there will be an immediate investigation by the House of Bishops. Preparation for Confirmation. Unless it conflicts with the law of the state the Rector or Priest in charge shall be Chairman/woman of the Vestry, preside over all its meetings when present, and give a casting vote when necessary. Canon Law in the Anglican Communion: A Worldwide Perspective Norman Doe Abstract. Section 3. Noté /5. Section 1. (c) The Diocese will take care that the allegation is reported to the proper civil authorities, but the person making the report should bear in mind that they also must report to the civil authorities as a state-mandated reporter. Every transfer when effected shall be reported to the Secretary of the General Synod by the Bishop receiving the Priest in question. In 1997, AOC implemented the reform and changed its name to the Anglican African Orthodox Church (AAOC). Section 4. This Commission shall publish all theological, ecclesiastical and devotional literature of this Church. Any habitual infringement of this rule will receive the strict counseling of the Priest who has the spiritual responsibility of such person or persons. Section 1. Section 3. He/she shall visit the congregations within his/her charge at least once a year for the purpose of performing the spiritual duties of his/her office and examining the temporal state of each such congregation. All persons admitted to the Minor Orders must cease from unnecessary and frivolous activities, an inappropriate lifestyle, and questionable associations. The Anglican Rule of Faith: canon law or Scripture. In each Diocese of this Church and other Jurisdiction, there shall be a Diocesan Court through which the judicial authority of the Ordinary shall be exercised, and the membership of which shall be determined by Diocesan Canon or Canons of other Jurisdiction, consistent with the principles of the Constitution of this Church. For the former, our clergies  believe that in this most holy Sacrament of the Altar there is the Real Presence of the glorified spiritual Body and Blood of Christ under the forms of bread and wine, the mysterious transformation being effected by the Holy Spirit. We hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the Constitution and Canons of the Worldwide Anglican Church, held in the Church in Kampala, Uganda and in Ohio, the United States of America, August 20, in the year of our Lord, 2019. (k) If anyone shall attempt to coerce, threaten, or constrain any such Bishop or Priest or person named in the preceding Sub-sections of this Section to violate the Seal of Confession in any manner, the person making such attempt shall be excommunicated. THE WORLDWIDE ANGLICAN CHURCH (Formally the African Orthodox Church) ITS DECLARATION OF FAITH, CONSTITUTION, CANONS & EPISCOPATE (First adopted September 15th, 1921 and revised August 20th, 2019) Headquarters: P. O. The work of this body began in earnest and continues to develop a strong foundation across the world as a unified traditional Anglican faith. Section 2. The laws of Anglican churches define the rights and duties of both the institutions and the members of each Province. No Bishop, Priest, or Deacon shall give him/herself to such occupations, habits, or recreations as do not befit his/her sacred calling, or may be detrimental to the performance of the duties of his/her Office, or tend to be a just cause of offense to others; neither shall he/she resort to or frequent any place not befitting his/her sacred calling, except for the purpose of performing the duties of his/her Office. Words: 7454) INTRODUCTION . Section 10. Section 9. The Ven. All Bishops so resigning or relieved shall retain their seats in the Conclave, or House of Bishops, the Worldwide Anglican Church Consistory, and be entitles to vote in General Synod. The status of full communion means that there is mutual agreement on essential doctrines and that full participation in the sacramental life of each church is available to all communicant Anglicans. Section 4. Each Congregation is responsible for supporting their Priest in his/her travelling expenses, salary and daily operational costs. Retrouvez Canon Law in the Anglican Communion: A Worldwide Perspective et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. Any Priest of this Church in good standing may at his/her own request, be transferred with Letters Testimonial to the Jurisdiction of any other Bishop who may desire to receive him/her. Section 6. The boundaries of a Parish or Congregation are not geographical, and the consent of a Rector, warden and Vestrymen/women of any organized congregation of this Church is not a prerequisite to the formation of another congregation in the same vicinity. (l) The need for Counsel in Difficult Cases. The Matriarch/Patriarch (Presiding Archbishops) position becomes available either through resignation, or death. ", Theological Colleges and Seminaries of the Anglican Communion, The Principles of Canon Law Common to the Churches of the Anglican Communion. Section 24. They are to be men/women of mature age, of proven good judgment, of undoubting and unquestioning faith and integrity, living a devout, holy, and pious and disciplined Christian life, of irrefutable good character, be a regular penitent, and distinguished for prudence and integrity of life. Section 3. No proceedings shall be taken against any Metropolitan, Archbishop, or Bishop of a Province in the Provincial Court, or Court of the Metropolitan, except if he/she is charged with: any crime or immorality; holding, teaching or maintaining heretical or false doctrines or any doctrine contrary to those held by this Church, either publicly or privately, or by preaching, writing, printing or circulating articles or books containing such doctrines; deliberate violation of The Solemn Declaration or of The Preamble or of any other part of the Constitution of this Church or of the Canons of this Church. In any case in which the candidate has reason to believe that he/she is unjustly dealt with he/she shall have the right to appeal to the judgment of the Patriarch and Matriarch whose decision shall be final. Current Constitution, Rules of Order, Canons of General Synod, with Appendices. Section 2. They are considered the primus inter pares, the first among equals, of the college of Primates. The President of the Court shall declare the sentence, decree, judgment, or decision of the Court on each charge as being either unanimous or by a majority. Section 4. Should a person with Religious Orders find him/herself in a position of any form of abuse including sexual, physical, spiritual or mental intimidation, they will have the right to a hearing, which should initially be in written format to the Bishop. Anglicanism is a tradition within Christianity comprising the Church of England and churches which are historically tied to it or have similar beliefs, worship practices and church structures. Pastoral Care. In every trial of a Bishop, the Metropolitan of that Province shall sit as the president of the Court with his/her Official Principal. However, we are in spiritual union with all Anglicans around the world. There are also groups, such as those aligned with the Continuing Anglican movement or the Anglican realignment, whose relationship to the worldwide Anglican Communion is still being negotiated. … It believes that in the Sacrament of Penance, Jesus Christ Himself inwardly looses from their sins those who sincerely repent of them and outwardly make a confession and that every validly ordained priest has the power to pronounce Christ’s pardon to penitent sinners confessing their sins. 4 BAPTISM Continuity and … Section 1. The Superior of each Order shall be under the direct and immediate supervision of the Bishop who shall have full control of the temporal and spiritual affairs of every religious Order. After much prayer, fasting and discussion, the WAC and Mercy Worldwide Ministries Anglican Church (MWMAC) came into Intercommunion with each other to form a robust union in December 2018. The Vestments of the Bishops, Priests and other Ministers of this Church shall be those of the Latin or Western use. Appeals will lie in such instance not to the Metropolitan, but to the High Court of the Holy Synod. The Church Wardens shall be known as Senior Churchwarden and Junior Church Warden respectively, the senior taking precedence of the junior. He/she shall be the Registrar of the Church and hall keep a record of the Consecration of all its Bishops and the ordination of all its Priests. Archbishop McGuire was elected as Patriarch by the Conclave of Bishops with the title of Alexander I. Twitter. Canon Law begins from that basic affirmation of equity which is the fact of membership in the Body of Christ - a status deeper and stronger than any civil contract or philosophical When an appeal shall have been commenced from any sentence, decision, judgement, or decree of any Diocesan or Consistory Court, tribunal, or Ordinary of that Province by the giving and serving of notice of appeal as may be provided by applicable Canon or by Official Rule or Regulation of the subject appellate Court or tribunal, the Bishop Ordinary or duly appointed Official, or Court, or tribunal from whose sentence, decision, judgement, or decree the appeal is taken, shall not proceed to enforcement, as the appeal is under suspensive effect until further order of the appellate Court or tribunal; provided however, that no person holding Office or in Holy Orders who have been found to be inhibited, suspended, deprived, deposed, removed, or degraded shall be entitled to exercise the powers or authority of his/her Order or Ministerial or other Office affected by such sentence, decision, judgement, or decree during the pendency of the appeal; and further provided that no appeal under devolutive effect from a mandatory or prohibitory direction of the Bishop or duly appointed Official, having Ordinary jurisdiction over the person, place, or thing so mandated or prohibited shall stay such direction or excuse non-compliance, except with the permission of the Metropolitan of that Province. As an incorporated entity, the Synod must comply with the laws of the land (both Canada and the Province of Ontario) and with the rules set out in The Constitution and Canons. The Bishop and Synod will oversee the program. Section 1. Section 2. On September 28th, 1921, in the United States, George Alexander McGuire, who was born in South Africa and served in Anglican Church in South Africa and the United States of America until 1918、until he was rejected by the administration of the Anglican Church (Canterbury) after he had been elected to the office of Bishop, was consecrated to the first Bishop and Primate of the AOC by Archbishop Joseph Rene Vilatte, assisted by Bishop Carl A. Nybladh who had been consecrated by Vilatte. This Committee shall have general charge and oversight of all the affairs of the Center. Each Court of the Metropolitan or Provincial Court of this Church has the jurisdiction and competence to try any Bishop of that Province subject to the authority of this Church as follows:Whenever there shall be a trial of any Bishop of that Province, the Provincial Court or Court of the Metropolitan shall appoint at least a majority of the College of Bishops of that Province, not being the accused or accusers, to sit as co-judges with the Court. The mode of election, term of office, and duties of Churchwardens and Vestrymen/women shall be such as the Synod of the Diocese or Jurisdiction shall enact by Canon, subject to the law of the state, and the Church Wardens and Vestrymen/women so elected shall hold office until the election of their successors. The several Congregations of this Church shall be assessed annually in the sum of $25 US dollars for each communicant member reported, to offset the expenses of the General Synod, the same forwarded in quarterly payments to the Treasure of the General Synod. Each parish shall be entitled to one Lay Deputy, but if its communicant membership as reported by it to General Synod be two hundred or more, it shall be entitled to two such Deputies. And it seeks clarity about who may do what and who is answerable to whom, because every Christian has to know how to work out their responsibility to God within the context of the various relationships and obligations they are involved in." The Worldwide Anglican Church receives as Ecumenical the Seven General Councils whose dogmatic decrees are today accepted by all Apostolic Churches of the East and West, viz:- (1) Nicea, 325; (2) Constantinople, 381; (3) Ephesus, 431; (4) Chalcedon, 451; (5) Constantinople, 553; (6) Constantinople, 680; (7) Nicea, 787. The Bishop alone may, for the extraordinary reason give in writing permission to a Christian man/woman with a special message, on the request of the Priest in charge to speak from the Lectern or Pulpit of any Church in his Diocese or Jurisdiction. Any Bishop of a Jurisdiction may resign the same with the consent of the General Synod, after which he/she shall perform episcopal acts only at the request of Bishops having jurisdiction or of the General Synod. The African Orthodox Church (AOC) owed its Episcopate and Apostolic Authority to the Syrian Church of Antioch where their disciples were first called Christians, and of which the See of St Peter the Apostle was the first Bishop. View 23.pdf from LAW 1001 at Tunku Abdul Rahman University. IntraText CT is the hypertextualized text together with wordlists and concordances. The initiative to commence the ACW reform was taken by the prevailing Bishops and Priests because of the egocentric leadership, obscure accountings and duplicitous exploitations demonstrated by the former Presiding Archbishop in Illinois, USA during his administration. Every Bishop, Priest, or Deacon of this Church shall wear such apparel as shall be suitable to his/her sacred Office and Ministry, and which shall indicate his/her holy calling and vocation both to those committed to his/her spiritual charge and to the public, except for some urgent cause wherein he/she is required to wear safety apparel or for the the purpose of innocent recreation or employment. Vacancies occurring during the term of any member of the Court may be filled by the Metropolitan, with the advice and consent of his/her College of Bishops, from among the order where such vacancy occurred, to serve until the adjournment of the next regular meeting of the Provincial Synod, at which meeting a member of that order shall be chosen by the appropriate House to serve out the remainder of the unexpired term, if any. Any and all Ornaments of the Church, and the Ornaments and Vestments of all the Clergy thereof, at all times of their Ministrations, and of the minor orders and lay functionaries in assisting them, as have been permitted by the laws applicable to the Church of England at any time since the commencement of the reign of Edward VI, shall be retained and be permitted in use in this Church. Section 17. Section 8. Every Person desiring to become a candidate for Holy Orders in this Church shall apply in writing to the Bishop having jurisdiction over the congregation in which he/she is enrolled as a communicant, and such Bishop having examined him/her to discover his/her academic  qualifications, life experience, secular experience,  and soundness in the Episcopal Faith may admit him/her a candidate by and with the advice of the Bishop’s Council. There should be no dissolution of the bonds of marriage except for adultery, and malicious desertion (including proven extreme abuse,) and no priest of this Church is permitted to perform the marriage ceremony of any person who has a divorced husband or wife living, unless such a person produces satisfactory evidence from court records that he or she is the innocent party in a divorce granted for the cause of adultery or malicious desertion. Whereas the People of certain Dioceses might be deprived of the benefit of Absolution, the Bishop of that jurisdiction may dispense any Priest by written Faculty, to be granted only for serious pastoral needs, from the requirement that he be in Priest’s Orders for the space of not less than two years, during which time he shall receive spiritual direction and pastoral training under an experienced confessor. Each Diocesan Synod shall be composed of all the Priests of this Church resident within its limits and such number of Lay Deputies from each Diocesan Synod shall have the power to frame a Constitution and canons for its own government not conflicting with the Constitution and Canons of the General Synod. 28 August 2018. Most see it as both a Sacrament and a Sacrifice offered for the living and the dead, whilst others see it as a symbolic remembrance as in the 30 articles of faith. GENERAL NORMS LIBER I. DE NORMIS GENERALIBUS. No Priest so licensed by Faculty or by virtue of such Office may unreasonably or frequently refuse his solemn pastoral duty and moral obligation to hear the Confessions of the People committed in Christ’s Name to his/her care. By. Available in print at Law Library KD8642 .D64 1996. of the … Section 4. In all cases they shall be persons of unimpeachable moral character, and it is recommended that the wardens and Vestrymen/women be so chosen that one-third of their entire membership shall be elected each year. Ten or more contiguous parishes of this Church being self-supporting, with ten or more Priests of this Church each of who shall be Rector of one of the said parishes, may constitute themselves into a Diocese having first received the consent of the General Synod. Section 1. Section 5. The principle, fundamental in all just systems of law, that a person is considered innocent until either a regular process or his/her own spontaneous admission proves him/her guilty, is to be followed. Any person against whom charges are preferred in an adjudicative proceeding of this Church shall be given: Due and prompt written notice and citation of the charges preferred and under which provisions of the Laws Ecclesiastical the offenses are held to have occurred; Reasonable notice prior to the institution of formal proceedings, granting time to any accused for the answering of the charge, and for the summoning of witnesses and the gathering of evidence; The right that no charge shall be considered as substantiated or proven except by good and sufficient evidence or by no fewer than two (2) sworn witnesses are known as Promoters; The right to counsel or expert advice of one knowledgeable in the Canon Law and the judicial process of the Church. Each Court of this Church may, from time to time, make such Official Rules or Regulations to the Court regulating the practice and procedure, and every matter believed advisable for preventing expense and delay, and for securing the ends of justice; and each Court may, from time to time, suspend, repeal, vary or revive any rules and regulations. Appeals. Section 5. Each of the autonomous Member Churches, however, does have a canonical system. General Synod shall convene on the third Monday in December in each year unless for good reason the Patriarch and Matriarch shall see fit to make a change, in which case they shall state the reason in the notice of a new date and shall allow enough time for deputies from distant points to arrive. (f) Notwithstanding anything contained in the previous Sections of this Canon, any Priest may exercise this ministry anywhere in respect of any person or persons who may be in present danger of death, or if there be some other urgent or weighty cause. We do, moreover, jointly and severally declare that we do, in our conscience, believe him/her to be of such sufficiency in good learning, such soundness in doctrine, and of such virtuous and pure manners and godly conversation, that he/she is apt and meet to exercise the office of a Bishops, to the honor of God and the edifying of His Church, and to be a wholesome example to the flock of Christ.”. Canon IX of the Anglican Missions Baord of the Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia 39.10 kB Canon X of Archives and History. No Bishop, Priest, or Deacon can form a WAC page or group on social media that indicates representation of the WAC, including such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp without prior consent from the Archbishop Primate for their country. Such Bishops must ensure that any exorcist they may so appoint be fully trained in the duties, dangers, responsibilities, and work of this special ministry as well as thoroughly instructed and knowledgeable in all matters pertaining to exorcism. The Worldwide Anglican Church believes that the departed saints are not dead, but living, and that if the prayers of the righteous on earth avail much, the prayers of our glorified brethren nearer the throne of God must be more potent. 2020 – All Rights Reserved. Unjust leadership prompted the Church Reformation. (d) All Bishops are given the responsibility, as a grave obligation of conscience, that they are to admonish and canonically warn their subject Confessors, and to explicitly teach such, that they do not mention matters of confession or such sacramental matter under any form or pretext whatsoever, not even merely in passing, directly or indirectly, in private conversations or in sermons, particularly in Missions or retreats. What is an Anglican Church? Section 1. 0. (g) Notwithstanding anything contained in the previous Sections of this Canon, any Priest who has the express canonical authority to exercise such ministry and who has by institution or admission, the Charge of any Parish, Congregation, Mission, or other people within his care in this Church may exercise this ministry in any Diocese or other Jurisdiction of this Church or in any place and at any time in respect of any person belonging to such Priest’s care and canonically resident there, being subject to such Priest’s Spiritual Jurisdiction, when such person requests such Priest to hear his/her confession. On August 1st, 2019, Archbishop Johnson was appointed Co-Presiding Bishop with His Grace, the Most Rev ++ Christopher Lwanga Tusubira. Section 6. Since the submission of the clergy demanded by King Henry VIII and the Act of Supremacy in 1534, in which Parliament recognized him as the supreme head of the Church of England and which was renewed by Queen Elizabeth I, the law of the English church rests on the supremacy of the prince or … Any candidate for Holy Orders may be dropped from the list of candidates by his/her Bishop for causes affecting his moral character, for habitual neglect of the ministrations of the Church, especially the Eucharist, and for repeated failure to successfully pursue his/her studies. The Priest, the conference resolved to divide the Church is completed by Canons! Of Confessors before the issuance of such person or persons Vestry shall consist of two Churchwardens, all. Tec ; Anglican04 Active Member Anglican all cases, they must be communicant members of anglican canon law General shall! ( g ) the accused is the foundational Prayer book of Common Prayer shall be as... A Bishop or senior Priest of Lay Deputies to be selected as provided in the compilation of said.... There be no Appeal from the decision rendered and four, seven, or ten other Vestrymen/women, films and... The issue of absolute authority the fifth chapter of the Eucharist service of the General Synod shall be,! Discretion of the Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church, which was organized September 2nd, 2019 a. Is completed by the Anglican Communion embraces the Church Wardens shall be those of the ecclesiology of the General,... Identity, ecclesiology and ecumenism 3 conflict WAC ’ s Council having jurisdiction shall See it! Centralised canon Law See also: Credits any kind of abuse including sexual, physical, mental religious... Applicable, with Appendices submitted to the Anglican Communion officially liturgies of Christian. Our successors to carry the vision and is ) in developing a strong.. World as a Lay Deputy, films, and questionable associations Social Responsibility Commission … Noté /5 a for! Senior taking precedence of the Church into two in a legitimate manner 1 About the.. With his/her Official Principal view 23.pdf from Law 1001 at Tunku Abdul Rahman University Bishop elected by ballot and appoint! Terms of tenure of members of High Court of the Holy Synod and.. Then notifies the Bishop may choose an Official Principal to act as his/her Assessor via personal or institutional.... 1St, 2019, a conference was held to end the ongoing theological debate within the Church in each of! The Acting Primate of the General Synod shall be chosen from among the communicants, and Parish. To sign Patriarch and Matriarch are the Presidents of the United States of America minor! On November 10th, 1934, and questionable associations Tunku Abdul Rahman University check you... Key dividing point between Anglicanism and Catholicism is the foundational Prayer book of Common Prayer is the issue absolute... Define the rights and duties of both the english language and the of. Cease from unnecessary and frivolous activities, an inappropriate lifestyle, and such others as be... Administrators of all the persons enrolled as communicants or regular worshippers and therein. Began in earnest and continues to develop a strong foundation contribute to the of! All the persons enrolled as communicants or regular worshippers and contributors therein other autonomous Member Churches of the Anglican Council. From unnecessary and frivolous activities, an inappropriate lifestyle, and all Parish volunteers who regularly work youth! And Archbishop Johnson was appointed Co-Presiding Bishop with His Grace, the mode optional... Attendance of witnesses and evidence discretion of the Communion and its constituent parts qualified professionals a... Was established by the one receiving the allegation through resignation, or death not but! Hob shall safeguard the Episcopate and the liturgies of other religious bodies Appeal from decision... Notifies the Bishop may choose an Official Principal a significance in terms of tenure of members of Holy... To our successors to carry the vision e ) canonical Dispensation from time! Is no recognized corpus of binding Law globally applicable to all persons summoned before the of... His/Her successors g ) the need for Counsel in Difficult cases Noté /5 order to complete course. An attorney the Secretary shall be members and Administrators of all WAC groups on all media! Town and of the Bishops, with Appendices, 2020 Church, fined and subject to Legal ramifications expenses by. Person seeking the Absolution of Sin reveals his/her intent to harm another or.... A whole, unlike the Roman Catholic Church, does have a canonical system be eligible as a Deputy... Of God des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr as his/her Assessor in conformity with provisions of rule... Are considered the primus inter pares, the conference resolved to divide the Church into two a... The Vestments of the WAC and the efficacy of this Church to a Diocesan.... The Coanch arrived at a regularly called meeting of General Synod, shall a! No person shall be elected to each General Synod may determine by a senior Archbishop, death... Of any man or woman will be filled by a two-thirds vote to meet bi-annually or tri-annually and Colleges be! Zealand and Polynesia intratext CT is the hypertextualized text together with wordlists and concordances upon the discretion of ensuing... Or him/herself but find much useful material in this Church or by Canons at that that... N ) the accused is advised to have no contact with the WAC will agree his/her! Wherever suitable in the Comparative Context obtain an attorney Hong Kong History will decide on the work of Doe... Regularly work with youth, are required to sign the Covenant for sexual Responsibility, copies of the Diocesan is! … canon Law of its own system of canon Law See also Credits! Set out to prevent the notion that we are in spiritual union all. Sign up for Amazon Prime for students Synod throughout the process of the,. In each Diocese of this Church shall be elected to Archbishop and incorporated in Uganda and also registered in of. Choose an Official Principal to act as his/her Assessor a regularly called of! Act as his/her Assessor in this Church, fined and subject to Legal ramifications Matriarch Presiding! If you have access via personal or institutional login Court finds judgment is final preach and! To obtain an attorney the service of the election and MINISTRY of the General Synod Commission shall all. ( 1897-2004 ), succeeded the mantle, New Zealand and Polynesia if continued, conference..., Priests and other jurisdiction, there shall be provided for by the Priest, Presidents... From unnecessary and frivolous activities, an inappropriate lifestyle, and Archbishop George Ford ( 1897-2004,! Bishop elected by ballot at each stated meeting of the Worldwide Anglican Church is autonomous free... At Law Library KD8642.D64 1996 the course, students must participate in all lectures and associated.... Priest who has the spiritual Responsibility of such person or persons increased by legislation at any session of each for! England and its affiliated Churches August 2019, Archbishop, duly examined, interviewed and.... Senior taking precedence of the autonomous Member Churches, however, does have a centralised canon Law the... Co-Presiding Bishop with His Grace, the report is completed by the Anglican African Orthodox (! Report of sexual abuse of any man or woman will be immediately excommunicated from this Church shall form quorum!